Amesbury Homeowners Association

We hope that you will enjoy many wonderful years in this great neighborhood, take the time to meet your neighbors, and perhaps volunteer to be an Officer or Director next year.

Please note, that the AHA board thought it best not to list individuals details on the web site.  Contact can be made through your printed phone list or email.

Current Board Members

Directors Lot 17 Cindy Edin
Lot 46 Miranda Thorpe
Lot 12 Sylvia Betancourt
President Lot 19 David Paulus
Vice President Lot 48 Vacant
Treasurer Lot 19 Marilyn Paulus
Secretary Lot 51 Michael Rosenfeld

Contact us at:
Amesbury Homeowners Association
PO Box 2862
Redmond, WA 98073

To bring up issues, please attend the meeting.  If you'd like to add an issue on the meeting agenda, please email the contact alias above.

Upcoming Meeting:  tbd, 7:00 pm. Location TBD
Lot Map