Amesbury Homeowners Association


Welcome New Board Members
2017 has been a busy year!  We have had a lot of changes to the board members, please see the home page for the most recent list of directors and officers.  This summer's Potluck was a great success!  Thank you to all those who attended and provided some great food.  We have completed many projects in the neighborhood including trees along the entryway, low-voltage up-lighting on the trees and improving the areas around the fences..  Thank you to all the Amesbury residents who volunteered their time!

Volunteers Needed for 2017/2018 Board/Officer Positions

Please welcome Miranda Thorpe as the newest Director and Mike Rosenfeld as the new Board Secretary. If you are interested in helping out your neighborhood, the members of the board can be reached at

Welcoming Committee
With all of the new members to our community, the board is looking for volunteers who are interested in starting a Welcoming Committee help our new residents settle in better.  Ideas for what that involves are up to you!  Please contact the board at if you are interested.

Where is your money going?
You may have noticed work going on throughout the neighborhood.  The board is responsible for maintaining the common areas in the neighborhood, so each year the board determines if there are issues that need to be addressed.  This year we continued our efforts to maintain and improve the entryway and park. If you have suggestions for the annual projects, please feel free to contact the board at - or join the board - we'd love to have your input!